Shared path in Powerdesigner

The Shared folder in Powerdesigner contains local versions of objects in the repository. I needed to find the path to an extension (xem) and i couldn't find a standard way of getting the path to it. This is a function to get it.

Function GetSharedFolder
   Dim SharedPath
   Dim FSO 
   Dim objFolder 
   Dim objFile
   Dim LastId  

   Set FSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")

   SharedPath = EvaluateNamedPath("%_SHARED%") 
   LastId = "" 

   Set objFolder =  FSO.GetFolder(SharedPath)

   For Each objFile In objFolder.SubFolders
      'MsgBox objFile.Name
      If Left(objFile.Name,8) = "_Shared@" Then 
         LastId = objFile.Name
         Exit For
      End If  
   GetSharedFolder = SharedPath & LastId & "\"
End Function