Full code example for replace in form definitions

Sub CreateNewSatellite(Hub)
   Dim dlg
   Dim Sources
   Dim FrmDef
   Dim XML
   Dim Model

   Set Model = Hub.Parent
   Set dlg = Hub.CreateCustomDialog("%CurrentTargetCode%.Satellite select Source")
   If not dlg is Nothing Then
      Sources = GetHubSources(Hub)
      If Sources = "" Then
         MsgBox "No sources defined for this Hub"
         Set FrmDef = dlg.FormDefinition
         ' Save the form definition so we can restore it later
         XML = FrmDef.Value
         ' Replace the placeholders with actual values
         FrmDef.Value = Replace(FrmDef.Value, "cmb_SelectSource.Values", Sources)
         FrmDef.Value = Replace(FrmDef.Value, "cmb_SelectSource.Value", "")         
         If dlg.ShowDialog() then
            ' restore the form definition
            FrmDef.Value = XML

            MsgBox = dlg.GetValue("cmb_SelectSource")
            ' restore the form definition also when cancel is clicked
            FrmDef.Value = XML   
         End If
      End if   
   End If
End Sub

Function GetHubSources(Hub)
   Dim Sources
   Dim Att
   Dim MapItem
   Dim SourceFeature

   Sources = ""
   For Each Att In Hub.Attributes
      If Att.Mappings.Count > 0 Then
         For Each MapItem In Att.Mappings
            For Each SourceFeature In MapItem.SourceFeatures
               If Instr(1,Sources,SourceFeature.parent.code & "\r\n") = 0 Then
                  Sources = Sources & SourceFeature.parent.code & "\r\n"
               end if
            Next 'SourceFeature
         Next 'MapItem
      End If ' Mapping count
   GetHubSources = Sources
End Function

Sub %Method%(obj)
   If Left(obj.StereoType,3) = "Hub" Then 
      CreateNewSatellite obj
      MsgBox obj.Name & " is not a Hub"
   End if   
End Sub