In one of my projects we used a command task in a workflow to start other workflows. One day we got an error 4352 and a google search didn't return any clues in what might be wrong. After some more googling, i found out that you have to somehow decode this return code.

The return code has a high and a low byte. To get these bytes, you have to convert your number to hex. In our case: 4352 is 1100 in hex. The low byte (0x00) tells me that the workflow was called succesfully but the high byte (0x11) tells me that something went wrong.

We have to convert this 0x11 to decimal (17) and look this value up in the table below. This tells me that the parameter file is missing and that the workflow cannot start.

Code Hex High/Low Dec Description
0 0000 0 For all commands, a return value of zero indicates that the command ran successfully. You can issue the following commands in the wait or nowait mode: starttask, startworkflow, aborttask, and abortworkflow. If you issue a command in the wait mode, a return value of zero indicates the command ran successfully. If you issue a command in the nowait mode, a return value of zero indicates that the request was successfully transmitted to the Integration Service, and it acknowledged the request.
1 0100 256 Integration Service is not available, or pmcmd cannot connect to the Integration Service. There is a problem with the TCP/IP host name or port number or with the network.
2 0200 512 Task name, workflow name, or folder name does not exist.
3 0300 768 An error occurred starting or running the workflow or task.
4 0400 1024 Usage error. You passed the wrong options to pmcmd.
5 0500 1280 An internal pmcmd error occurred. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support.
7 0700 1792 You used an invalid user name or password.
8 0800 2048 You do not have the appropriate permissions or privileges to perform this task.
9 0900 2304 Connection to the Integration Service timed out while sending the request.
12 0C00 3072 Integration Service cannot start recovery because the session or workflow is scheduled, waiting for an event, waiting, initializing, aborting, stopping, disabled, or running.
13 0D00 3328 User name environment variable is set to an empty value.
14 0E00 3584 Password environment variable is set to an empty value.
15 0F00 3840 User name environment variable is missing.
16 1000 4096 Password environment variable is missing.
17 1100 4352 Parameter file does not exist.
18 1200 4608 Integration Service found the parameter file, but it did not have the initial values for the session parameters, such as $input or $output.
19 1300 4864 Integration Service cannot resume the session because the workflow is configured to run continuously.
20 1400 5120 A repository error has occurred. Make sure that the Repository Service and the database are running and the number of connections to the database is not exceeded.
21 1500 5376 Integration Service is shutting down and it is not accepting new requests.
22 1600 5632 Integration Service cannot find a unique instance of the workflow/session you specified. Enter the command again with the folder name and workflow name.
23 1700 5888 There is no data available for the request.
24 1800 6144 Out of memory.
25 1900 6400 Command is cancelled.